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Conference 3. Energy of Life 2018


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Our program consists of seminars presented by our speakers

Thursday  25.10.2018 Changes to Monday 29.10.2018
All lectures and seminars will be translated to Slovak language.
Compulsory Registration from 8:30
Seminar with Valery Uvarov, „Secrets of Self Perfection“,  (RUS) 9–17.
The seminar will be interpreted from the Russian language.

Friday 26.10.2018

8:30 Compulsory Registration Seminar
Michael Tellinger (JAR), „UBUNTU movement“,  which he is a leader of 9-17.
The seminar will be interpreted from the English language.

 Friday 26.10.2018
Compulsory Registration from 17:00.
18:00 Opening Ceremony
18:15 – 21:00 a gathering with international speakers / Semir Osmanagich, Valery Uvarov and Michael Tellinger
Conference will be interpreted from the English language.

Saturday 27.10.2018

Compulsory Registration from 8:00.
9:00 Opening Ceremony and information about the program.
Program 9:15 – 20:00 lectures, autograph session, book sale, product sale
Semir Osmanagich – Healing aspects and energies of Tunel Ravne in Visoko
Valery Uvarov  –  The Power of the Ancient Pyramids that is being utilized today
Michael Tellinger – Stone Circles as ancient technologies
Jiří Matějka – Kota Zulu 664 a presentation of his new book Our Fantastic History
Peter Staněk – Do you know yourself? Architecture of human brain and it´s transposition for society
Naša Svetelná – goods from our production

Sunday 28.10.2018

9:00 solemn ceremony at Bradlo, 100th Anniversary of the foundation  Czecho-Slovak Republic. Bradlo is ancient pyramid and there is a technology – MohylaThere will be a bus provided to take all attendants to Bradlo.

Compulsory Registration from  10:30
11-17 guests speaking
Miroslav Polreich  (CZECH) Invisible forces in power structures
Blanka Kovarčíková (SVK) Pride or glory regarding to our nationality
Semir Osmanagich (BIH)  Being an slave of social structures is not man´s purpose, but the aim of those in power
Valery Uvarov  (RUS) Lecture about Slavs from a different point of the view
Michael Tellinger (JAR) UBUNTU society without money
We reserve the right to change the program
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