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Welcome on our pages of NGO Naša Svetelná. We are currently working on projects:

The Energy of Life (Energia života) – international conference, more information and photos

Even Slovakia has pyramids (Aj Slovensko má pyramídy) – mapping of the pyramids in Slovakia

Pyramids Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Pyramídy Visoko, Bosna a Hercegovina) – sightseeing and transformation tours, short to mid term stays in the pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aura photo (Aura foto) – photographing auras

Feel free to browse our website with the help of Google Translator, look on the pictures in photogallery and videos or get in touch directly at

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Conference 3. Energy of Life 2018

Plagat Energy_of_life_ 2018


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Michael Tellinger

Valery Uvarov

Peter Staněk